Fiscal Year 2023: October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023

Welcome to the official website for the Grand Oaks Community Development District (CDD). This site is funded on behalf of the Community Development District in an effort to help educate the general public about the services provided by the District and to highlight the other agencies involved in the day-to-day Operations of the community. These agencies include, but are not limited to Northwest St. Johns County and Grand Oaks HOA.
Grand Oaks CDD Location Map

GRAND OAKS CDD – Response  to Residents Questions

Grand Oaks Resident Survey

During the last District Board Meeting there were many issues that residents brought up to the Board. Based upon the residents’ questions we have developed a survey to gauge the desire of the residents on a variety of topics. Please note that the additional amenities that residents asked about are not included in the current budget, any additional amenities will have to be included in the Fiscal Year 2024 annual budget. Please click here to download the resident survey.

Questions and Comments from Grand Oaks Homeowners


  1. Traffic lights – can the board lean on FDOT? Accidents occur regularly right there on 16. Major safety issue when leaving the community. Drivers have to immediately accelerate to 60 MPH. Documents show FDOT is anticipating light installation pending a signal warrant analysis, which is supposed to occur multiple times throughout the project’s timeline – Can the Board push FDOT to start the analysis and share the expected date(s) they will occur? Plus, it can take several minutes for one car to turn left, with the problem getting worse as more people move in. It has taken me on average 3-5 minutes to turn left during normal commute times, with the longest being just under 14 minutes (and I am quite aggressive in finding a spot to go)As stated during meeting, this is a state road, and they determine when a stop light will be installed and energized (turned on)
  2. Fix the street sign on the main road that either tipped over from weather or was struck (Drees community on the south side of Turnbull Creek) The sign vendor has been contacted to make the repair.
  3. Replace the Red Barn Road sign. The repair is underway.
  4. What happened to the community lighting we had at the entrance? Lighting needs to be on for the signs and trees at the entrance, so we actually look “Grand.” Only lights on are the gazebos. The lights at the entrance were vandalized and we have contacted the vendor to replace/repair the lights. They have been onsite and ordered the necessary parts. The repairs will be made as soon as the part are available. Additionally, we have contacted our electrical engineer for recommending brighter and or more lights.              
  5. Some streetlights are still off, and the mailboxes are sometimes lit, sometimes not. We have contacted the FPL about the streetlights, and they have confirmed that they have received our request. However, due to the need to make repairs from damage inflicted by hurricane Ian they are working to make restoration in other parts of the State and will get to the repairs at Grand Oaks as soon as they can.

– – – – Amenities – – – –

  1. We are paying for an amenities center, so why isn’t it open yet? It’s well past when it was promised to residents. Last CDD Meeting in August you all told us 4-6 weeks. What the hell are we paying for? What progress has been made? What date will the final inspection(s) happen? In the meantime, residents are paying out of pocket for amenities out in town like the pool and gym – Can we expect re-imbursement for those memberships and travel? We were promised “late spring” followed by “this summer” and then back in August “just a couple weeks” with a timeline of “4 or 6 weeks”. We want an itemized list of things that still need to be completed before we can use all of the promised amenities. We are waiting on the final approval of the as -built plans for the amenity center from the County. . The pool, pool house and clubhouse are all signed off. The site landscaping has a few items to complete and be signed off by next week.
  2. Are we going to be issued two key fobs for free? When can we expect them? The Board has not decided on the specific operational procedures for the amenity center (which includes the issuance of key fobs). There will be a public hearing at future Board meetings to consider adoption of the operational procedures for the amenity center.
  3. Dog park – the workers just dumped a bunch of dirt in, then leveled it out. It does not appear that they adjusted the fencing, so it is at a proper height. — It seems like this issue was only taken care of AFTER we mentioned something…. Why the hell would you install a fence, BEFORE you need to plop a tractor in there and level it out? Why aren’t things being done the right way the first time? The dog park is still under construction and these issues will be addressed prior to turn over of the facilities to the District. We are reviewing the condition mentioned during the meeting with GC and landscaper. The dog park fence is being reconfigured at the entrance to accommodate an access gate and raising of some areas that are less than then four’ height.
  4. Amenity center fire pit – the area surrounding the fire pit regularly flooded…. How was this corrected? It looks dug up and that is it. Was it even graded before they installed it? Why was it done half-assed in the first place?? We do not appreciate paying for re-work because there was not somebody to supervise or even plan it out. ***This half-assed sentiment goes for more than just the fire pit!!!*** This will also be addressed prior to the facilities being turned over to the District. The area around the fire pit has been re-graded to drain any water away from the fire pit. We are waiting on sod. Because of the freeze, sod is difficult to get, but we will sod where graded. It is anticipated that the CDD will add seating around the fire pit upon future discussion with residents.
  5. A fence MUST be put around pickle ball court. Period. It is a major safety hazard for both vehicles and people with the high probability that someone will go chasing after a ball and run into or get hit by a vehicle. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. We are aware of this, and it will be addressed.
  6. Swing set has large “splinters” coming up in some places (1/4-inch diameter or larger?). Can somebody take a look and correct the problem before it causes an injury? Additionally, what maintenance will be done to keep the exposed wood in good shape for decades to come? We will have this addressed and make sure this is part of the routine maintenance protocols for the District facilities.

– – – – CLEANLINESS – – – –

  1. Sidewalks need to get cleaned – Lots of geese poop, red stains, and sand/debris on sidewalks… we are concerned that so much sand is being washed out from the grass that it will start to look worse than it already is. (This is also happening with many homes’ front lawns as evidenced by the dirt/sand that fills the gutters along the road). If our driveway looks like that, we will receive a notice from the HOA. Are there Street Sweepers scheduled to go through all the streets? The sidewalks will be cleaned prior to the facilities being turned over to the District. We will have the sidewalk cleaning placed on the routine maintenance protocols for the District.
  2. Constantly have excessive garbage making its way to the ponds from construction sites. Some residents have been filling up multiple garbage bags several times per week. We are aware that trash is getting in the ponds from the construction in the area. We have contacted the pond maintenance vendor and requested that they address the trash in the ponds. We have also contacted the landscape vendor for the District and requested that they pick up trash around the ponds when they mow the grass around the ponds.

– – – – LANSCAPING / PONDS – – – –

  1. Several trees along Turnbull Creek Rd regularly fall over with any gusty wind (thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc.). It’s easy to tell that these trees were poorly planted (and replanted again and again). The soil many of these trees sit on is saturated and is not draining. We have received a proposal to have all trees that were tipped over, replanted. We will proceed to have these trees addressed and replanted. As of the date of this writing, all that work is completed.
  2. Water will now be shut off for a few days after treating ponds to prevent damage to lawns – how does this not prove that the pond treatment ruined many of our lawns? What’s going to be done to correct this issue for owners who have problems that started after that first major treatment? The District Attorney is reviewing this matter and we will provide a separate response to this question.
  3. Soil is eroding from lawns onto the streets/sidewalks. Major concern for future difficult maintenance or problems with erosion. During construction of the homes, it is anticipated that some soil will make its way to the streets and the stormwater pond system even though a 12-inch-wide area of sod was planted along both edges of the sidewalks and along the back of curb. Nevertheless, the ponds were over excavated to allow for sediments to enter the ponds and this action will not hinder their performance and not require any additional maintenance. We strongly encourage contractors to clean up the streets where runoff carries soil into the street and curbs. Final home construction includes sod to cover the bare soil, and this significantly reduces the erosion till the sod grows in and takes root. At that point, no erosion of soil from the lots will be anticipated.
  4. Palms at the mailboxes look like they are dying/dead. We will follow up on this.
  5. A bunch of sod was removed from around the fire pit and dumped into a trailer, then hauled off site. WHY ARE WE WASTING MONEY? If some sod is not that expensive to toss in the trash, there are dozens of us that need new lawns. The area around the fire pit will be addressed prior to the Developer moving out of the community.
  6. Drainage / standing water is a major issue all over the community. ** (For developers/builders: this is especially prevalent between lots, leaving the ground muddy and overly saturated for days or weeks after rain (or watering lawns). It is muddy nearly all the way to the foundations of dozens of homes. Grading requirements state a minimum continuous 2% pitch. Several lots measured less than 0.5% fore or aft between homes. Grading increases to 2% or higher at the front of most homes. Back yards have no grading. What will be done to correct this? When?) ** This is an issue residents want to bring up with their homebuilder. We only mass graded the ponds. The builders did all final grading.
  7. The ground/lawn around the bus stop for The Bluffs is constantly saturated/muddy to the point where it often soaks through the shoes of anyone who unfortunately steps in the grass. There is also a broken sprinkler head right there, compounding the problem, and creating a trip hazard that can easily sprain and ankle, or worse. We are aware of the broken sprinkler and are having it addressed by the vendor. We will have the area reviewed by the landscape vendor to see if anything can be done to address the muddy soil problem.
  8. “Manhole” covers for water valve access points are regularly left off after workers have left. (Another trip/injury hazard) We will notify the vendor to make sure the covers are replaced after each use. We will also make sure that this matter is addressed in the maintenance protocols for the District.

– – – – GENERAL / OTHER – – – –

  1. Request a list of where CDD funds were spent during FY-22. The Fiscal Year 22 budget is posted on the District website along with the Fiscal Year 23 annual budget.
  2. What is the preferred method for communication with the CDD board? Only some emails get responses, and even then, we don’t get a response to everything asked in the email. (As if someone is picking out only what they want to respond to). We’d also like clarity on who specifically we should contact, and if/who we need to CC (e.g., certain board members work on specific things and will have a better answer). At the present time, the best contact for the District is Bob Koncar at The plan is to have an onsite manager that will be available at the Amenity Center once it opens. All emails are being addressed, however, not all emails are being routed to Bob Koncar at the present time.
  3. Recommend setting up a community message board like the one used for the HOA. If there is one set up, we need the information sent out to all residents. There are several communication tools that we will be utilizing to keep residents informed: a) posting of important information to residents through the Town Square app; b) posting of information on the District website and c) conducting a community workshop to address resident concerns and questions.

Grand Oaks Community Development District Disclosure

Please be advised that the Grand Oaks Community Development District (the “District”), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District. The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing. As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public. Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.